Creating a Class Blog using School Fusion

School Fusion users can create a blog in just a few easy steps.

  1.  Navigate to your class fusion page and login.  Then click on “Add Topic”.
  2.  Type the title and question/topic for your blog, and then click “Save and Return Home” if finished, or “Save, and Schedule Next Week’s Content” if you are posting multiple topics.
  3. Have your students begin posting a comment to the blog!

How to create a blog post within school fusion


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One thought on “Creating a Class Blog using School Fusion

  1. I am taking the opportunity to make one of the many steps towards earning a NET*T certification. It was initially challenging for me to differentiate between collaboration and communication as it pertains to our standards. Now I think I have a little better grasp. Collaboration is working with others towards a final product or goal. Communication is interacting with others with out a final product. Is that it? i.e. I am collaborating with my peers so that I may earn a NET*T and also address 5A.

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