How to Automatically Open a SMART Notebook File in SMART Notebook Express

Here are some steps for you to quickly share a notebook file with your students online so it will open automatically in SMART Notebook Express.  Doing this process will save the students a few steps.  Here is what you need to do:

1.  Attach/Post a notebook file to a page on your website.

2. Right-click on the file and copy the URL.

3. Add to the link before your file’s URL location.


The Tech Integrator

SMART Notebook 14 – New Features

Coming this April, SMART technologies is releasing their newest update to the notebook software, SMART Notebook 14.  It is very similar in look to Notebook 11, which is great for teachers (not much of a learning curve here) and some new cool features.  I have included some of my observations here, along with a video made by Amy from SMART, as she highlights some of the new features in the updated software.

– They will now be naming the releases to the year in which they are released (’14, ’15, etc)
– New pen tools: Text Pen (This is great!) and Paint Brush Pen
– Is compatible with Smart Slate (the presenter was using a smart slate at the time)
– Notebook Advantage (combining all the resources that were separate before…math tools,e tc) will not work with the Ipad App
– Windows 7 or higher…11.4 is the last version that will work with xp
– 3D tools – now able to right click and label part of an object (like a crab’s claw) the label stays connected to the object.
– Anything created in Google Sketchup can be brought into the 3D tools
– Activity builder items created in 11 will work in notebook 14 (presenter had not seen any compatibility issues between files created in 11 working in 14).
– April 1st Release Date for downloads.
– Mask Tool – Kind of like cropping a picture but you are just manipulating what you can see and hiding the rest (doesn’t cut the picture so you can adjust it)
– Software opens pretty quickly…improvement over 11…removing the Win XP coding helped speed things up.
– Still able to use response clickers with notebook 14…change settings in Setup Tool just like 11.
Have a great week!
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Google Docs – Research Tool

Just learned a new feature in Google Docs at the Google Summit in Charlottesville VA.

There is a Research Tool and it is fantastic!  It is a very easy way to find and cite research articles on a topic.  This would also be great for teaching students about citing their resources.

Within your Google Document, highlight the text you want to research, and:

– Click Tools –> Research (Ctrl + Alt +Shift + I).  A side window will pop up with search results.  For each one you can Preview, Insert a Link (creates a hyperlink to the article for the highlighted text), or Cite (which inserts the citation into your document).


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