Ways to Share You Tube Videos Through your School Fusion Site

Once your video is uploaded to your account, it is time to share it with your audience.  There are a couple of options for this.

Share with a Link:

  1.  Once you publish a video and it is “live” You Tube will provide you with a link to your video to share with others.  This can be shared via email or posted on a class web page as a link.



Share via Embedding the Video:

  1. Click on your video link to go to the You Tube page.  Right click on the screen of the video and select “Get Embed Code”.  This will provide you with a code that can be pasted on your web page source code so it will be embedded right into the web page for easier viewing.



Pasting an Embed Code on School Fusion:

  1. Add an announcement to your fusion page.  Click on the “Source” button in the text editor.  Paste the embed code you copied from You Tube into the text box.  Then click publish.  It will display right in the web page so parents/students can click on the video to play it.


How to Upload a video to You Tube

  1.  Go to https://www.youtube.com/education
  2. Click Sign In button in the top right corner.  You can log in using your Google Apps for Education account.
  3. Click Upload.  It will load a new page.



  1.  Select your files that you want to upload.  You have a choice of whether to set your video to Public, Private or Unlisted.  If you want your video to be viewable by others, it cannot be private.  I would recommend using the “Unlisted” option.



  1.  Once your video uploads click “Publish”.  Video will process and notify you when it is finished.