Hour of Code

Last week my school along with many others participated in Computer Science Education Week and the event known as the “Hour of Code.”  Several class activities for students in grades 2-5 were conducted, and the students had a lot of fun and became exposed to the basics of computer programming, as well as challenging their critical thinking skills.

It was a great experience and I hope to be able to integrate additional opportunities for students to participate in coding activities as well as hope they will have a taste for more and pursue playing some of these games outside of the school day.  Next year I will likely not schedule this on the Monday of the week, as there appeared to have peak usage that morning and the site went down.  The rest of the week went very smoothly.

Below are some pictures from our coding activities as well as an introductory video I showed to the students to get them excited about their Hour of Code.


Coding websites utilized during this week: (and I probably just scratched the surface with available resources)

Angry Birds Coding Activity

Frozen Coding Activity

Bits Box



Happy coding!

The Tech Integrator